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  • Both productions will take place in the open air at the National Trust’s Morden Hall Park, Morden Hall Road, London, England SM4 5JD.
  • Rehearsals will take place both at Morden Hall Park and in Barnes SW13.  We cannot offer any travel expenses, so please consider whether or not these locations will work for you.
  • We have a Box Office split arrangement with Morden Hall Park, which means that actors will be paid a share of the profits, rather than a flat fee. Our books are open for any member of the company to see at any time, and every production we have previously staged on this basis has made enough money to allow us to pay each of our actors something, but there are no guarantees, so again please consider if this arrangement is right for you before committing.
  • As you will see below, Diamond Days takes place in the evening, St George’s Quest during the daytime. Each production requires different strengths from the actors, so please take a look at the information for the individual shows below and then get in touch! 

Diamond Days

at Morden Hall Park, National Trust – Sat 18th & Sun 19th June at 6pm

In this record-breaking Royal Jubilee year, journey back in time to Queen Victoria’s reign, June 1897, and experience the last Royal Diamond Jubilee (the longest rule, before our own Queen Elizabeth II) for yourself!  

A fascinating presentation by three estimable – and opinionated! – Victorian journalists on the exciting events of Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Hear the Queen’s own thoughts on the day, enjoy the reaction of the cheering crowds, sing the songs that were sung, and indulge your tastebuds while listening to eyewitness reports from the people who were lucky enough to be there…    

  • We are looking for three actors to play the journalists, two to play well-known Victorian actors, and one to play Queen Victoria herself. Each may find themselves having to improvise a little, while interacting with the audience.
  • A good singing voice would be an advantage – and any talent with an instrument would be brilliant. Neither, however, are essential!
  • This full-length play takes place at 6pm and has a running time of around 2-2.5 hours. 

St George's Quest

at Morden Hall Park, National Trust – Sat 30th July & Monday 1st August, throughout the Day from 10am-5pm 

A terrible dragon has been terrorising the village of Highcross, taking first their livestock and then their children.  Young Sir Henry, the eldest son of local lord, Sir William of Highcross, was the last to die and since then the village has given up hope.  Today, however, it is hoped that a courageous new challenger will step up and change their fortunes forever…  

St George’s Quest takes participants of all ages – Challengers – on an adventure through the Rose Garden at Morden Hall Park, where they will interact with several interesting characters (including the Blacksmith, the Wise Woman, the Squire, and the Shepherd), take on challenges, and solve a variety of riddles and puzzles, arming themselves to finally face the dragon. Those who are victorious will be awarded a prize and knighted by St George himself!  

  • Actors will be given character profiles and certain snippets of script and particular pieces of information that they will need to learn and share with each of the Challengers who come to see them throughout the day.  The rest of their interaction with the Challengers will be improvised and unpredictable, so while there is less line-learning to do, you will need to be extremely confident with improvisation and comfortable dealing directly with members of the public of all ages.
  • A current DBS certificate would be very helpful but is not essential.
  • This production takes place continually throughout the day (with the first performance slot currently scheduled for 10.30am and a lunch break at around 1pm), finishing by 5pm at the latest. 

How to apply

To audition for one or both of these productions, please fill in this form – LINK – and we’ll get back to you! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at