'If we shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended,
That you have but slumb'red here
While these visions did appear...'

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), A Midsummer Night's Dream 



Shadow Road Productions prides itself on offering its audiences a wide and varied diet of cheer and chills, intrigue and amazement, enjoyment and, above all, entertainment.  As well as tackling the quirky and offbeat, bringing original, lesser known and often unexpected works to the stage in new and exciting ways, we are also committed to staging regular productions in aid of our chosen charities.


Our 2016 season will be nothing if not an exciting challenge, including, as it does, both Unbroken, our first Mental Health Awareness mini-festival, and the premiere of our new play, Shell Shock - an adaptation of Neil Blower's book of the same name.


The spring and summer have already seen two other 'firsts', as we staged St George's Quest - our first interactive event for dragon slayers of all ages - and Robin Hood, the first open air theatre production ever to take place at the London Wetland Centre


We are always on the lookout for talented new people to join the team.  If you are interested in getting involved with Shadow Road Productions in some way or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  In the meantime, many thanks for visiting our website.  We hope you will enjoy learning more about our company and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!