Murder in Milan

“When the sun sets, shadows, that showed at noon
But small, appear most long and terrible…”
Nathaniel Lee (1653-1692), Oedipus

Monday 25th February 2013 at 7.30pm
Giuliana’s Cafe, 58 Church Rd, Barnes SW13 0DQ

Friendly Italian restaurateur Neo Vestri has invited thirty friends and accquaintances – yourself included – to join him at his restaurant Giuliana’s for a three course meal in celebration of his beloved son Cosimo’s 30th Birthday.  It should be a fantastic evening. 

Unfortunately, someone has murder in mind and Francesco the Chef is the first to die.  Can you pick up on the clues and work out who the killer is before they strike again?  You’d better hope so…


“Well done! It was a fabulous evening, such fun and so very well carried off by all the cast… Very professional. It also brought all the diners together, chatting and trying to work out who dunnit which was nice. The food was excellent too. Congratulations to everyone!”

“What a great evening! It was very well executed I thought and the perfect balance of food and drama. …Great restaurant too!”

“A great success and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely… The actors were very good indeed and managed to ad-lib all sorts of believable answers… The food was absolutely divine…the service was superb and fitted in well with the actors and their execution of the plot. I do hope you will run another such evening. Please thank all the cast.”

“Good fun and kept us all guessing right to the end! It was so well acted…a very good dinner too and a convivial atmosphere.”

“A fantastic evening. Well done! We were seriously impressed with [the] organisational skills…and acting!”

“Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful evening!”

“Murder in Milan was a stellar evening!”



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