The Road to Remembrance

“I seemed to move among a world of ghosts
And feel myself the shadow of a dream”
Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), The Princess

Monday 9th & Wednesday 11th Nov 2009 at 8pm
Devised and Directed by Emma King-Farlow

On the 9th and 11th of November 2009, Shadow Road Productions staged The Road to Remembrance at the Old Sorting Office by Barnes Pond to raise money for Combat Stress, a charity that supports British veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental and psychological problems as a result of their service in the armed forces. 

Formulated along the lines of A Countdown to Christmas, the show featured a selection of poetry, prose, music and drama from both world wars and all profits went to the charity.  We are extremely grateful to everyone who attended the show or made a donation.  If anyone was not able to do so but would still like the opportunity to show their support for Combat Stress, we have set up a page for online donations: No donation is too small! 

At a time when British soldiers are once again serving with great distinction, laying down their lives and sacrificing their mental and physical health at the behest of a government that does not always appear either willing or able to offer them the support that they deserve, it seems that charities like Combat Stress are needed more than ever.


Karin Abbott
Ann Acott
Rebecca Dunn
Frank Fitzpatrick
Ailsa Ilott
Emma King-Farlow
Simon Radford
Oliver Walters

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