Treasure Island

Oxen and wain-ropes would not bring me back again to that accursed island; and the worst dreams that ever I have are when I hear the surf booming about its coasts or start upright in bed with the sharp voice of Captain Flint still ringing in my ears: ‘Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!”
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), Treasure Island

Fireside Folktales Performance

Treasure, treachery, mutiny and mayhem all await young Jim Hawkins, as he leaves the Admiral Benbow inn behind and embarks on a thrilling and dangerous voyage to recover Captain Flint’s hidden gold. Pirates, parrots, and plots abound, and Jim must risk everything to save his friends lives – if he can…

Shadow Road’s exciting and emotional new adaptation brings Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic to life in a 50-minute masterpiece which includes their usual stirring sword fights and riveting stage violence. A timeless tale of adventure, courage, friendship, and the endless lure of the distant horizon.

This show features sword fighting and staged violence. 


  • Sun 7th July – Southside House, SW19 4RJ. Tickets available HERE.
  • Wed 10th & Thurs 11th July – OSO Arts Centre, SW13 0LF. Tickets available HERE.
  • Mon 15th JulyThe Roman Theatre Open Air Festival, St Albans. Tickets available HERE.
  • 2nd-10th AugustEdinburgh Fringe, The Space on the Mile. Tickets available HERE.
  • Thurs 15th August – The Roman Theatre Open Air Festival, St Albans. Tickets available HERE.

Press & Audience Reviews for other Fireside Folktales Productions

~ King-Farlow’s skilfully edited and staged adaptation is perfectly pitched from witchy start to blood-letting finish with the cast of four woman each playing a central role, flipping to a range of vignettes as the plot demanded. They stick to the original text most of the time but judicious insertion of new modern language material bookends the piece as well as providing occasional and helpful plot signposts as the action unfolds. …The quartet use every square inch of a blank stage with exits/entrances at each corner and work hard to ensure the audience feels involved and engaged. Mind you, with the passion, tension and range of other emotions on display, no one’s attention is going to drift far for fear of missing something from what’s a universally strong cast.

…There’s so much about this piece to both admire and enjoy and it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into its staging. The witches feline movement, the swirling of their cloaks creating the impression of mist drifting across a desolate Scottish landscape. The use of geometry to keep audience sightlines clear – triangles, diamonds, squares of performers skilfully maintained as they moved around the stage.

…But they saved the best until last – the denouement between Macduff and Macbeth. The stage tension between Floyd and Adler was electric as they circled each other like a pair of prize fighters preparing to go the distance. Verbally it was superb, words being spat with a vehement intensity that raised hairs on the back of the neck. Physically, it was breathtaking, sword fighting that felt real, blood that looked it. Peerless.

The Fringe Review
Tim Wilcock - Edinburgh Fringe 2023 - Published 09.08.23
~ Thank you for a brilliant & professional performance this afternoon. The changes of emotions & clothing with such integrity of acting was quite moving. So pleased to be with you - a gem of an afternoon!
John P
Audience Member - The Mulberry Centre
~ Really talented bunch, a really impressive interpretation & dramatisation - so creative with the props and the overall format. Brilliant & congratulations!
Audience Member - Southside House
~ What a show. Beautifully adapted and Scrooge's transformation is heart-wrenching, then fabulously joyful! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Jane B
Audience Member - St Mary's. Barnes
~ I now feel full of Christmas Spirit! Thank you so much. You are resourceful, imaginative and great at what you do. Gill W. Morden Hall Park
Gill W
Audience Member - Morden Hall Park - National Trust
~ No Christmas for me is complete without seeing A Christmas Carol - you did not disappoint. My Christmas is complete. Thank you!! Anonymous The Coach & Horses
Audience Member - The Coach & Horses
~ Absolutely lovely. Sincere and touching. Enchanting!
~ Very charming storytelling and beautiful singing, with a well presented model to boot.
~ My daughter was really inspired by watching a cast of girls playing all the parts and even fighting!
Audience Members - Morden Hall Park - National Trust
~ Wonderful performance, a good balance with humour. Really enjoyable fights.
Nicky P
Audience Member - Barnes Childreen's Literature Festival
~ You have made our summer day perfect - to bring a smile through "talented declamation" (Spanish) is priceless. Thank you all!
Robin & Selina
Audience Members - Southside House
~ Thank you very much for a great interpretation of Persephone & the Pomegranate Seeds. Loved by our Persephone xx
The Michaels
Audience Member - Ham House - National Trust
~ Loved this! Second scene was hilarious! Would love to see those two characters lead their own show! Great show in a great atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed 🙂
Audience Member - Southside House
~ A brilliant show - the stories were ideal for the children to understand. And a perfect length too. Very good. Thank you!
Audience Member - Ham House - National Trust
~ Brilliant show! The three children had a brilliant time! The props, the music, and the way it was all strung together was brilliant! Thank you!
Audience Member - Barnes Childreen's Literature Festival
~ Terrific shows! We've seen several, all brilliantly done. Fabulous set up and great actors.
Audience Member - Barnes Childreen's Literature Festival

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